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Latest innovations, releases and featured products from our manufacturers.

Grayhill Touch Encoder

Tap + Swipe + Turn, Multiple Configurable Standard Touchpad Widgets,

High Resolution Display, USB 2.0 or CAN J1939, Excellent Sunlight Readability, 32MB Memory, Sealed to IP67

Tablet Based Intuitive Development Platform

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Starline Plug In Raceway

With sustainable lab design at the center of the development concept, Starline’s innovative, reconfigurable design offers a flexibility that no other product on the market offers- completely eliminating the added cost of an electrician to reconfigure circuits, receptacles and wiring. With Plug-In Raceway, you have the advantage of arranging your electrical outlets based upon the needs of your workspace, not arranging your workspace based around your electrical outlets. In addition, you also have the freedom to move around equipment or change a workflow layout without having to worry about having a connection to power.

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Full Medical Isolation (MoPP), Low Speed, Low Audible Noise Fans, Up to 16 Outputs, Industry Leading Flexibility, 7 Year Warranty, Suitable for BF Rated Equipment.

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Meltric DR – 400A

DR standard plugs and receptacles for a higher amperage range plus poly or metal casings. 400A Max to 480 VAC / 350A Max to 600 VAC, 18kA short circuit rating and with a temperature range of Min -40F / Max 140F.

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Meltric DR – 250A

DR standard plugs and receptacles for a higher amperage range plus poly or metal casings. 600 VAC, 10kA short circuit rating and with a temperature range of Min -40F / Max 140F.

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Eaton - SPC Series

Eaton’s SPC Series is a configurable surge protective device providing safe, robust protection for critical equipment in commercial and light industrial environments. The SPC Series features a compact, NEMA 4X design with configurable options available, including filtering, audible alarm and Form C contacts.

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Grayhill - 77 Series

Small and sealed rotary switch, the 77 Series. This compact rotary switch requires less than a quarter inch behind panel, making it ideal for handheld devices. Further, its MIL-rated resistance to moisture, sand and dust indicates that it is suitable for harsh, outdoor environments. 

Military handheld radios, night vision goggles and laser aiming devices all require rotary switches to select settings. Because the typical soldier carries more than one of these devices, size is an important consideration. The 77 Series rotary switch will fit on almost any device. Its diameter is only 0.5 inches and it requires just 0.18 inches of clearance; the smallest rotary available with this level of seal.

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Universal Starline - Busway B1200

Supplying the highest amperage of the Starline Track Busway systems, the 250, 400, 800 & 1200 series powers many of today’s largest mission critical facilities. One of the main benefits of Starline is that it is an overhead power distribution system, meaning no jungle of cables and whips under the floor obstructing air flow. Also, the continuous access slot along the bus gives data centers the power to easily expand or reconfigure operations. 

Field-proven in data centers for decades, the maintenance-free, custom built Starline Track Busway also offers customizable plug-in units that are interchangeable between the three systems. The design of these plug-in units ensures a safe, constant connection to power- obtaining the continuous uptime that is so crucial to mission critical facilities.

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TDK Lambda - DIN Rail Low Profile Power Supplies

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda brand DRL AC-DC DIN Rail mount power supplies. With efficiencies of up to 90%, waste heat has been reduced, allowing the use of very narrow width package sizes ranging from 18mm for the 10W, to 72mm for the 100W model. Less space on the rail provides additional room for other components or the use of smaller enclosures. 


The DRL series is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications including building and factory automation, security, process control and test and measurement. The DRL series has an operating input range of 85 to 264Vac, and can withstand 300Vac for 5 seconds. The units have a Class II construction (double insulation) and do not require an earth ground connection. Input to output isolation is 3,000Vac. Four power levels and case sizes are offered - 10W, 30W, 60W and 100W – with a 24V output in all package sizes and a 12V output for the 10 to 60W versions. The 30 to 100W models have user adjustable outputs from either 12V to 15V or 24V to 28V.

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